General Conditions - Mira 2020

1. What competitions are being held?

The Portuguese Pigeon Fanciers Federation organises the following competitions on the same day:

2. What is the pigeon reception period?

The pigeons must be sent between 1st April and 30th June 2020.

3. How old should the pigeons be at the time of delivery?

At the time of delivery, the pigeons should not be younger than 40 days nor older than 60 days.

4. Should the pigeons be vaccinated beforehand?

The pigeons must be vaccinated 21 days after birth, so that they may be revaccinated at the time of their delivery to the Mira loft. Participants must specify the date of vaccination and the vaccine used.

5. How can pigeons be sent from overseas?

To send pigeons by plane, proceed accordingly:

a) Send, by email (, the AIR WAYBILL (AWB), a list with identification for every pigeon, a copy of the health certificate, an invoice with the note “No commercial value” and a statement of donation to the Portuguese Pigeon Fanciers Federation. 

Important: Send the original documents with the shipment (pigeons)

b) Send the pigeons to the following destination:

Federação Portuguesa de Columbofilia
Aeroporto Humberto Delgado – Lisboa, Portugal

Note: Pigeons should not arrive during weekends because customs is closed on those days.  

Alternatively, pigeons can be delivered to the following company:
"Natural -granen" For the attention of Mr. Frank Van den Eynde (free transport on 28th of April)
Metropoolstraat 28-29, B-2900 Schoten | Belgium.
Telephone: + 32 (0) 338 30831 | email: |

You can find the International Agents list on the FPC website (

6. Which documents should be sent with the pigeons?

The following documents must be delivered alongside the pigeons:

7. Miscellaneous