Mira 2018 - List of Participating Pigeons
All Championships

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Czech Republic Czech Republic
Ring Nr. Owner Championships
0150-531/18 Dvorák Jiri Team European Championship 
0282-202/18 Fajmon Team European Championship 
072-720/18 Filipi Team European Championship 
072-749/18 Filipi Team European Championship 
05-815/18 Kroupa Jiri European Championship 
0234-1135/18 Kubácek Lubomír European Championship 
0234-1144/18 Kubácek Lubomír European Championship 
0221-950/18 Lanka Alfons, Ing European Championship 
0296-6/18 Novotná Katerina European Youth Championship 
0194-311/18 Pustejovsky Josef European Championship 
0194-330/18 Pustejovsky Josef European Championship 
0127-431/18 Sindelár Josef European Championship 
0127-434/18 Sindelár Josef European Championship 
0198-3016/18 Skrbek Marek European Championship 
0198-3043/18 Skrbek Marek European Championship 
0123-332/18 Vítovec P. + Marc European Championship 
0123-397/18 Vítovec P. + Marc European Championship 
0127-124/18 Vozábal Josef European Youth Championship 
0127-235/18 Vozábal Josef European Youth Championship 
0134-742/18 Zima Milan European Championship 
0134-893/18 Zima Milan European Championship 

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